False Creek paddling after a rain storm in the fall…

False Creek is beautiful after a November rain storm –  the water is flat like glass, the sun is shining through broken cloud.  We paddle from Science World to Granville Island.

2008_Nov2 016 by you.
False Creek is a photographer's paradise.  There were 3 photographers stalking this heron from the sea walk about the docks when the False Creek ferry came in – photo Todd Wong

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team is continuing Sunday afternoon paddling sessions for fun and fitness.  Many of the team members took the day off to attend a book reading by team mate Dan Seto for the Heart of the City Festival.  But four of us were hardy souls, and we climbed into marathon canoes for our exercise workout.

2008_Nov2 022 by you.
“This is beautiful” gushed Gayle, “The water is so flat.” Stephen and Gayle paddled the marathon canoe to David Lam Park non-stop.  – photo Todd Wong

2008_Nov2 024
Brooke is a rookie paddler.  She joined the Gung Haggis team in July.  This was her first time in a marathon canoe.  I steered the boat.  – photo Todd Wong

2008_Nov2 028

We paddled to Granville Island and tied the canoes up at the public docks.

2008_Nov2 032
It had been a long paddle and we were deserving of some refreshments, so we went to the Backstage Lounge. – photo Todd Wong

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