Yellow Fellas debuts at Vancouver Asian Film Festival for director/writer/actor Tetsuro Shigamatsu

Yellow Fellas… Western Canadian premiere at Vancouver Asian Film Festival

If you don't know the name Tetsuro Shigamatsu… maybe you've heard his voice.  Tetsuro was the host of the CBC radio show “The Round Up” after the departure of Bill Richardson.

I first met Tetsuro many moons ago, when he was a member of the “Hot Sauce Posse” – a sketch comedy group formed by CBCers including Charlie Cho, J.J. Lee and the late great Alexis Mazurin + funny white people like Philip Gurney.

2008_Nov6 002 Tetsuro Shigamatsu and Todd Wong – photo taken by J.J. Lee on Todd's camer.

Vancouver Asian Film Festival opened on Thursday night with a creening of Academy Award winning Director Jessica Yu’s comedy feature PING PONG PLAYA.  Catch the encore performance on Saturday night.

Also featured is West 32nd Street with actors Grace Park and John Cho.

VAFF features many panel discussions or director Q&A's after each screening.  Read the program, go to an event, and support this wonderful film festival founded by Barb Lee.

Check out the Vancouver Sun article about Tetsuro and his film:

No more sexless Asian nerds for Tetsuro Shigematsu's Yellow Fellas

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