Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team places 4th overall at Richmond Dragon Boat Races

Richmond was a good fun race…
We posted the fastest time ever for Gung Haggis.

2009_July_Richmond_Dragon 037 by you.

The race couse was 425m.
our first race was 2:15
our second race was 1:26 – with incoming tide.
our final race was seconds away from 1st overall.
We came 4th…
fractions away from a 3rd place medal.

Here's the video of our 2nd race.
2009_July_Richmond_Dragon 012
It was the 3rd fastest time of the day.
It put us into the A Final.  1:26

Here's another view

Richmond Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Heat 16 GHFC

Here is our race in the A Final – filmed with better quality.

Richmond Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Heat 20 GHFC


4th place overall in A Division is something to be proud of.
The other teams we raced were also conglomerate teams and/or were used to paddling at
Rec A/B and Comp C/D levels.

2009_July_Richmond_Dragon 045 by you.

Front Row (kneeling): Dominic, Tony, Todd, Jim, Tzhe, Oliver,
Middle Row: Gayle, Karen, Lisa, Danielle, Debbie, Christine, Keng, Harvey (steers), Ernest
Back Row: Richard, Dan, Kevin, Danny, Jessica (Drummer), Barb, Devon, Richard, Maggie

All the paddlers had never paddled together before – but we paddled as
a team.  We stayed positive, made new friends, and put good effort into

12 paddlers from Gung Haggis Fat Choy
4 paddlers from PCL Centurions
3 paddlers + drummer from Flight Centre
2 paddlers from How Wet Can You Get
1 paddler + steers from Eye of the Dragon
1 paddler from Sudden Impact black (Gung Haggis alumni)
1 paddler from False Creek Grand Dragons (Gung Haggis alumni)
Some of the paddlers from other teams were old friends, some are brand new.
It was fun to share stories about paddling with Richard and Karen Mah from PCL, back in '99 in San Francisco.
Or about drumming/coaching the Nokia dragons team to a Rec B Gold in 2000, with Danny Issac's (Flight Centre) older sister.
Or about Richard Montagna's first time paddling dragon boats in Vernon with us back in 2006.
Or learning that Dominic has both Scottish and Chinese ancestry…

2009_July_Richmond_Dragon 039 Harvey did a great job steering the boat.

2009_July_Richmond_Dragon 038 Jessical was our wonderful drummer


Special Thanks to Jim Blatherwick for captaining and Tzhe Lam for managing.

Let's bring this wonderful experience to the rest of the team, and take it up to Vernon with us!!!

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