Pictures of Vancouver Intl Taiwanese Dragon Boat Races – Sep 4 & 5

There are some great pictures of the Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race on the Web.
Check out:
If you want to know how close the race with Nancy Lord Momentuum?
check out:
pic # 7 & 8  our drummer doug is sitting calmly – while Leah Nagano,
the drummer for Nancy Lord Momentuum is leaning agrresivey into each 
call she makes!
Here’s a picture of me:
calling for Spirit of Vancouver
# 30
Check out
pic #36,37 & 38 of Tom, Nick and Naoko paddling with a winning Spirit 
Vancouver team – really pumped after winning their semi-final heat to
make the medal round for Division C.
Check out photographer Ray Shum
pic # 57-60, 62-70,
pic 124 for a great shot of Bob Brinson
pic 146 of Francis Lee

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