Good Haggis morning on Global News

“Good Morning Toddish!” called out Zach from the Global morning news show as Gung Haggis Wun-tun made it's way to the set of the morning Global News today. 

Lynn Collar called me up yesterday to invite me onto the set.  I sat next to Lynn and Steve, and they asked me lots of questions about the fundraiser dinner we call Gung Haggis Fat Choy!  Sara Daniels was very very taken with the phrase, saying I should trademark it (already in process!).

This was the first time I had ever been on a morning television news show.  It is so much more frenetically fast-paced than doing Urban Rush, City Cooks or when the CBC National News reporter Leanne Haven actually came up to my home to interview me. 

Two minutes… not 5 or 15.  Two minutes.  I blurted out all the important things like Dinner at Flamingo Restaurant… Television Special on CBC tonight at 7:30pm…  I first wore the tartan kilt up at Simon Fraser University… This is good for multiculturalism… 

But… everybody really liked the haggis wun-tun!!!  Sara Daniels became a quick fan.  Sophie Lui tried it.  Dana Gee tried it.  Zach called down from his location shoot in the parking lot to save him some haggis wun-tun.

What a rush… literally… this morning…  To ensure that the haggis wun-tun was cooked fresh this morning.  I went to the Slocan Restaurant on Hastings and Slocan in East Vancouver.   It took some convincing of the Filipina waitress to let me speak to the cook.  The cook/owner Gus is actually a Greek-Canadian and he was so nice to put my haggis wun-tun and spring rolls in his deep fryer for me. He didn't know exactly what haggis wun-tun was… but he bought my story about having to be on tv in 40 minutes. And he was very interested when I told them that George Stephanapolous, a Greek Canadian from Montreal, would be featured on the tv special Gung Haggis Fat Choy tonight on CBC at 7:30pm.

While I immediately told Lynn and Steve that the wun-tuns were just cooked by a Greek Canadian – unfortunately, I forgot to mention Gus and his Slocan Restaurant on tv. Sorry Gus – I will mention it on CBC radio this afternoon!


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