Wednesday practices start at 6pm now! Please be early!

Wednesday practices need to start at 6pm sharp. 

We have to be on the water ASAP. We must be off the boat until 7:30pm as there will be 3 teams lined up for practices after us – expect the dock to be very crowded at 7:30. Therefore we will have a shorter more intense practice – which works out good for our strength and endurance phase. If you can make the practice but must be late – please let me know and we can arrange to meet you along the seawall or at a specific dock as we picked up Tom Cornwall from the seawall last week.

Sunday's practice went very well – our races starts are looking mighty fine for the first day – but we only had 12 paddlers and one was a mother on Mother's Day!!! Way to go Gail!!!. If you are unable to make practice – please call or e-mail me. Please do not be late for practice and show up just before we go on the water. There are a lot of managerial and instructional things we need to share with you to ensure smooth and successful practices.

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