Comments on “Terracotta Warriors ignites War of Words”

great article. thanks for tackling this sensitive issue.

I've seen the show and thoroughly enjoyed the production as did the rest of the audience who expressed their appreciation with a standing ovation. Unfortunately, the critics appear to be applying western standards to this innovative blend of eastern and western art forms.

Beverly Nann,

President, Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society


Hi Todd-ish, Good piece on the Law performance. Cool website.

Regards, Xu Xi


Hey Todd...

Great job, PRINT IT! Send it to the Sun for sure!

I do think it is valid to call a production "amateurish" however, if the reviewer deems it as such. These people are, afterall, well-versed in professional theatre and events to make such judgements. But to call something "Amateurish" does not make the writer racist or ignorant of another culture. They can only judge from the only perspective they know; their own. That's why it's important to have professional critics of other ethnic backgrounds out there and that is precisely the case you are making. bravo.

I do not agree with Dennis "banning" the reviewer from the Westender...sounds petty.

I wonder how the Chinese language press reviewed "Terracotta". That would make an interesting side note to your article.




WOW Todd – YOU ROCK! – Way to go! Kudos!

It must feel wonderful to be HEARD by an even larger audience.

I don't think that you sent me this initial article – it's great! Powerful words and you express them well. Great job!

I hope that you are well and I look forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!

Heather, Out To See Productions Inc.


I’m glad we have a capable spokesman in the community like you Todd.  Well done.

Roy Mah,  Former founder and publisher of Chinatown News


Great write up Todd. Can't say any better than this. I am 100% behind you. You score again.

Meena Wong


Good on you Todd!

David H. T. Wong MRAIC
President, E-Atelier


great piece except for the term 'White canadian' can we get beyond race 🙂 ? we are all humans, right? it seems to me that all race terms, caucasian, white, asian are hindering rather than helping, but perhaps that's just my hot button!

ciao! -- ...Roland Tanglao

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