Final reminders for Gung Haggis dragon boat team at ADBF

Hi Everybody

Tell your friends that we will post our next race time on each night.

So… right now there is a message saying we are in heat 14 at 10:23 (guessing that they will run on time)

Expect the starts to go fast… just like in the regatta. “Boats move up… Boat 2 move up, Boat 3 Hold. Attention Please – BOOM.”

Be ready to jump on your paddle as soon as you hear the airhorn or starting pistol.


Bring lots of water… bring some snacks for yourself.

Bring a lawn chair to relax in

Bring a blanket to lie down on

Bring a cooler to store food in.

Some people use their free time in between races to: Watch other races

Check out the entertainment

Check out the exhibitions

Socialize with other teams

Socialize with team members

Eat at the concession stands

Drink in the beer garden


Tomorrow Morning, the Film Crew will attempt to film our first race. They want to film our warm ups, and our start… Remember we are expected to finish around 5th in our heat. We will need to be ready early and to use our free time to practice on the Gemini boat.


We will debrief, grab a quick bite if needed, then go to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park for a short film segment.

This will be a warm-up session with Tai Chi exercises. This will be great to help center and ground the team, to relax and remind us of the harmony and balance that we bring to the boat.

The Chinese Classical Garden is a wonderful place to see how ideas and effort can help bridge the chasms between East & West.  By visiting the Garden, Westerners learn a little more about Asian art and philosophy.  This makes them more tolerant and understanding of cultures other than their own.

Cheers, Todd

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