Gung Haggis dragon boat practice cancelled for Wed June 30

The Gung Haggis dragon boat practice is cancelled for tonight.  It was scheduled for Wednesday 7pm. Next practice will be the following Wednesday July 7th.  No practice on Sunday.
Reasons for cancellation are numerous:  Bob has to coach Women on Water as they are going to race in Penticton this weekend, a number of people are unavailable, and I am under the weather.
Plans for Kent WA, July 17, Saturday are continuing.  I am coordinating with another team to ensure that we have a full boat. 
Last night at the Dragon Boat Association board meeting, we passed that a DBA sponsored team that will help promote our Sep 4/5 races can have free boat practices as needed (worth $150 each or $700 for once a week practices per spring or summer season).  Bob and I are both on the DBA board. 
For the Gung Haggis summer practice schedule – some team members are no longer able to continue paddling as both other activities beckon and weekend vacations take precedence.  This is often the case following the Alcan Dragon Boat festival, as many teams stop paddling altogether or get going again until just prior to races in August or September.
Wednesday evenings at 7pm seemed to be the best group concensus at the last practice.  Please RSVP whether you want to attend specific events or not.  I will send out a more detailed list and description in the next day.
The Kent and Richmond races will be organized as a DBA combined team.  Gung Haggis Fat Choy will be entered in the Vancouver Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race for September.
Cheers, Todd
July 17th – Saturday – Kent WA, (just south of Seattle on Lake Meridien).  A one day race that is ideal for an early morning drive from Vancouver or overnight stays in Seattle.  Special accomodation rates available.  About $30 Cdn each to split the race registration.
July 24th – Richmond BC, another one day race.  Racing in Fresh water next to the Airport.  About $30 Cdn each to split the race registration.
September 4 & 5, Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race.  Lots of fun – but real busy for Bob and myself as we are on the DBA Board organizing the races.  Cheap!  About $40 for entry and practices.

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