Come paddle in the Sep 4 Vancouver Taiwanese Dragon Boat race at Plaza of Nations

We have FUN paddling opportunites for dragon boat enthusiasts.
August 21 – barrel racing in Seattle on Lake Union (free)
Sep 4th – Taiwanese dragon boat racing at Plaza of Nations ($39)
Both of these events will be lots of fun.  Barrel racing has never been done before… Imagine a dragon boat slalom course between barrels!  It is being hosted by the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association – very nice people – I have raced with them and against them many times. 
Taiwanese dragon boat racing is very fun – You must grab a flag just before the finish line.  If you miss it, you have to stop your boat and go back for it.  Only the designated flag grabber, who stretches out on top of the massive dragon head, can grab the flag.  Last year was the inaugural Canadian race demonstrated by Olympian Lori Fung and City Counselor Raymond Louie grabbing the flags!!!
This is the way dragon boating was done in ancient China – before photo finishes and stop watches.  We will also be racing in the classic Hong Kong teak boats that were donated for Expo 86, and have been beautifully refinished.  If you go to race in Hong Kong or Tainan, Taiwan – you will experience racing in these classic wooden Hong Kong and Taiwanese dragon boats.
If you have a 1/2 team, full team, 1/4 team who would like to participate in these events.  Call me, and I will match you up.  $39 per person or $600 per team (includes 20 passes for each paddler for Taiwanese Cultural Festival – value is $5 each – sell them all and make your registration $ back)
Come out to paddle with my Gung Haggis team on Wed night or Sunday afternoons.  If we have enough people, we will run 2 boats and have some mini races during practice.
We meet on Wed 7pm and Sunday 1:30pm. 
Hope to see you soon!
Todd Wong
604-987-7124 or cell: 604-240-7090

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