I am guilty of Brigadoonery in Canada

I discovered this web site:

Brigadoonery Canada. A comic tribute to all things Scottish.  http://www.durham.net/~neilmac/

Brigadoonery Canada presents new and improved. … Brigadoonery, noun: What often happens when people who were not born in Scotland pretend to be
Scottish anyway. …

They also show a picture of the webmaster at the annual dinner of the Scottish Chinese Canadian Club which claims to have invented Sweet and Sour
Haggis… in Toronto!!! 

No date is given, but it sure wasn't taken at any of our Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners which started in 1999 at the New Grandview Restaurant, outgrew to the Spicy Court, then outgrew again to the Flamingo Restaurant.

I think I am guilty of “brigadoonery” on many accounts:

1) wearing a kilt

2) reciting the poetry of Robbie Burns

3) playing Scottish Songs on my accordion

4) hosting Robbie Burns Dinners (at Chinese restaurants)

5) serving haggis at such dinners (with sweet & sour or plum sauce – or in “Haggis Wun-Tun)

6) pronouncin' me words wi' a Scots burr

7) posing with a claymore that has seen English blood on the Plains of Abraham and possibly Culloden

8) reading paperbacks with the word “Highland” in the title



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