Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race: where do we meet?

The Centre for Spiritual Living / Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team will meet in the designated area called “Racer's Village.” It is located beside the Pier Restaurant area, next to the “woods” – very close to the finish line viewing area and the marshalling area.

Please be at the CSL / Gung Haggis tent by 9am.

Our first race is at 10:20am. We must be ready to marshall by 9:45am. We will be down on the Plaza of Nations Logger's Dock and in the boats before 10:am.  This gives us plenty of time to focus, sort our stuff, do some race prep, and ready ourselves.

Next race is dependent upon our finish place. Please pay attention to Doug McIntyre, as he will help us keep track or when our race times are.

We will race about 4 races each day. Expect 1 sprint race in a Hong Kong Teak boat; 1 flag grabbing race in a Taiwanese boat; 1 barrel race, around floating markers; 1 or 2 specialty races that could be a blind folded race, or a NOGARD race (paddle past the flag, go backwards then grab the flag.)

You must be wearing your Red Wrist band to get into the site. Please come directly to the Racer's Registration table. All teams need to sign waiver forms. Please see Doug McIntyre to ensure your waiver is signed – otherwise you will not be allowed to race on a boat.

Everybody gets 10 – Day passes to sell/give to friends and family.  You get to keep any funds raised.  I suggest a $5 donation for a $9 ticket.  It will go to supporting your $39 registration fee + t-shirts. 

Team shirts are red.  Gung Haggis paddlers can wear your GH jersey from ADBF, so you will not have to purchase a new t-shirt.  New shirts all have CSL logo on it only…

FOOD & DRINK: Bring a water bottle, in addition water is provided in the Racer's Village.  Bring food and snacks for yourself.  There will also be food stands on site – but remember that fats and proteins will sit in your digestive system for more than a few hours.  Eat easy to digest carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables.  Some of my favorites are  yogurts, bananas, small granola bars, AND Fruit Smoothies or Vegetable Juices.  There is a Booster Juice up on Robson and Hamilton St.- a bit of a hike but worth it.

I will think of more later…

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