Race Course & Racer's Village

Here is the race course for the Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race, for Sep 4 & 5, 2004.

This is the race course. Lane 1 is at the south side of the Creek and lane 4 and 5 is at the north side of the Creek. Listen to the Water Marshall as to how to enter the start area. All boats will be asked to leave the dock and go to the South side of the Creek to head down to the Start area.

The boats line up at the Creekside Park waterfront, just north of Science World.  It is a tethered start – meaning all steerspeople will hold onto a tether to ensure and even and fair start. 

Teams will then be told: 1) release tetheres 2) paddlers ready;  3)attention please;  – then an airhorn will sound to start the race.

Teams proceed Westward, past midpoint lane markers, to the finish line, marked by flags.

If it is a flag grabbing race, on Taiwanese Boats, Each team's designated flag grabber must grab the flag.  Nobody else may grab the flag.  If the team misses the flag, it must back up and grab the flag before crossing the finish line.

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