Valerie Sing Turner reading “Versus” on CBC Radio One's “The Round Up” & “Between the Covers”

My friend Valerie Sing Turner is an actor.  Earlier this year she appeared in the Denise Chong theatrical premier for The Concubine's Daughter.  In 2003, she produced and starred in The Malaysian Hotel.  Valerie is an incredible woman, executive director for Visceral Visions, and board member for Touchstone Theatre, Canadian Actor's Equity and other organizations. 

  Valerie Sing Turner wrote:

…you'll hear yours truly on CBC Radio One! (690AM Vancouver/Victoria and 99.1FM Toronto)

I'm reading a 15-minute short story entitled “Versus”, which airs Thursday, December 30 at 2:30pm on The Round-Up, and again that evening at 10:40pm on Between the Covers. It's a lovely little story from the point of view of a 13-year-old Canadian Eurasian girl as she struggles to deal with her divided senses of loyalty and fairness when her father marries a woman from China.

Hope you had/are having a lovely Christmas holiday!

xo, Valerie


For people interested in find the story “Versus.” It is from the anthology Strike the Wok, stories by contemporary Chinese Canadian writers.  It is co-edited by my friend Jim Wong-Chu and Lien Chao.

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