5 spots left at Bloggers Table at GungHaggisFatChoy

If anybody wishes to join Barb, Bill Stillwell of marginalia.org, myself, and some CBC people at our “bloggers” table at GungHaggisFatChoy, please let me know by Thursday at 8p.m by email to roland AT rolandtanglao.com or by calling me at 604 729 7924 if you already have your tickets. If you DON'T have a ticket yet, please mention you want to sit at the “bloggers table” when you order (please order before 8pm. on Thursday) your tickets through the Firehall Centre at 604-689-0926.

By the way, well over 400 tickets have been sold, so it's going to big and I am sure it's going to be great! See you on Sunday!

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