Things to Remember for January 30 Gung Haggis Fat Choy� dinner!

Things to remember for
Gung Haggis Fat Choy™ dinner on January 30.

Free Parking at Floata!
  Tell the parkade attendant you are attending the
Gung Haggis Fat Choy™ dinner at Floata. 
Special note: the Chinatown Parkade building was designed by Joe Y. Wai
Architects – my cousin, who also designed the Chinese Cultural Centre
Museum and archives building and also worked on the Dr. Sun Yat Sen
Gardens, and designed the new Hall.

Arrive early
–  5:15pm for reception
There will be 550+ people attending so please be patient upon arrival
to get your seating tables.  We will have 4 line-ups for will
call.  Most tables are listed under the person who organized the
table or the organization name.

Dinner show starts promptly at 6pm.

The plan is to to have the dinner courses arrive every 15 minutes, and
the musical performances will take place during the 15 minutes in
between with a 5 minute intermission.  This works in theory and
especially in a smaller restaurant when we only have 10 tables to
serve.  We will be serving 55 tables, so please bear with us as we
do our best to create the most memorable
Gung Haggis Fat Choy™ dinner

Vegetarian dishes abound
in our menu.  Please work out separate
deals at your table to trade grazing rights with the carnivores at your
table.  Meat / vegetables are split 50/50 with everybody fighting
over the shrimp balls.

Free subscription to Rice Paper
: please remember to fill it out.  Our volunteers will assist you. This fundraiser is for Asian Canadian Writer's
Workshop, publisher of Rice Paper.  If you already have a
subscription, or aren't interested – please fill it out anyways and
donate it to a local library or school or a friend or community
organization.  Spread the word! or join the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team our other fundraiser recipient.

Raffle Tickets
– most of our fund raising at the dinner comes from our
raffle ticket sales, due to the cost of dinner + event
production.  We have lined up some incredible prizes, and hope you
will be generous.

Have fun, and Sing lots!
This dinner is all about creating
community, and sharing our cultures.  We have been blessed to
recieve such a wonderful response from people who believe in what we
have created.  Introduce yourselves to your table mates, and 9 new
best friends for the evening. Sing songs like Scotland the Brave, Loch
Lomand, When Asian Eyes Are Smiling, My Chowmein Lies Over the Ocean –
My Haggis Lies Over the Sea…

If you need our attention or require assistance
, please ask our
volunteers, so that they can answer your questions or direct you to
restaurant management or our production coordinator Vicky Tanguay.

Slainte, Toddish

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