The Empty Orchestra – featuring Maiko Bae Yamamoto and Adrienne Wong

Theatre Replacement

ScotiaBank Dance Centre
Davie and Granville
February 4-12
8:00 pm
Saturdays: 10pm with Veda Hille live
Tickets: 604-257-0366

is a love story powered by karaoke. Love can break your heart. Can the
cold pull it back together again? It's forty below and almost everyone
has left for warmer climates. Trapped in the middle of a cold snap, two
broken souls huddle around opposite ends of a heating vent searching
for a little warmth. The persistent sound of karaoke (the word's
English translation is “empty orchestra”) eventually draws them
together—but will it tear them apart? The Empty Orchestra is built and
performed by Theatre Replacement Co-Artistic Directors James Long and
Maiko Bae Yamamoto, and features the talents of Veda Hille (musical
direction and arrangement).

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