March 4th – Harry Aoki's First Friday Forum features Sean Gunn and Running Dog Lackeys

Harry Aoki presents First Friday Forum
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Friday, March 04, 2005
Nikkei Heritage Centre
Kingsway and Sperling,

Harry Aoki & Guests perform a blend of musical,
cultural and intellectual fusion and forum.
The theme is in support of Chinese Canadian Redress.
Update on the campaign by Sid Tan, representative
of the Chinese Canadian National Council’s campaign
for Head Tax redress.

This March 4th show features The Running Dog Lackeys.
Expect Sean Gunn to perform and sing his song
“Head Tax Blues” featured in the Karen Cho film
“In the Shadow of Gold Mountain.

I think this will be especially poignant, as Harry
himself was interned during WW2 as a Canadian born
of Japanese heritage, as his family’s home was
confiscated and they were shipped out of Vancouver.
Harry loves ethno-fusion music and how cultures share
and evolve. He created an album titled Haida Dawn, and
was a music coordinator for the Edmonton Commonwealth Games.

This concert is suitable for all ages.
Admission is free - Donations are appreciated.

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