Look for a Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat float in the Vancouver St. Patrick's Day Parade – March 13,2005

I just picked up the St.Patrick's Day Parade package for Vancouver's Celtic Fest 2005, to be held Sunday, March 13th 2005. 
Steve McVittie is Grand Parade Marshall and a pretty cool guy.  He
is proprietor of Celtic Treasures on Dunbar St. 

Steve loved that I put a dragon boat as a float in the 2004 parade, and
kept after me to make sure the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat float
returned for 2005.  “It was one of the better floats that people
talked about.  It's important to be multicultural and to have
these elements in the parade, ” Steve told me.  This parade is
about being Canadian.  We leave all the politics behind and
celebrate what this country has to offer.  Where else can you do
that?  Vancouver is one of the most non-Irish cities – but
everybody celebrates St. Patrick's Day!”

For 2004, Bob Brinson helped me put a Taiwanese dragon boat on a
trailer, which I towed in a rented pick up truck.  For the parade,
Joe McDonald and his Brave Waves
band mate Andrew Kim sat in the dragon boat playing bagpipes and
electric guitar from start at Drake Street to the finish at Hastings
Street.  Along the way dragon boat team members Tracy Wong and Jen
Yeung waved the flag and the paddles.  We were also accompanied by
Highland dancers taught by  Angus MacKenzie.  For the full
story and photos that featured a flat tire see 2004 St.Patrick's Day Parade.

For 2005, the Gung Haggis Fat Choy float will again feature a Taiwanese
dragon boat.  Vancouver city counsellor Ellen Woodsworth will be a
guest and wave to people from the front of the boat.  Maybe we
will give her a flag to wave or a drum to beat, or teach her how to climb onto the dragon head.  Musicians will again be featured on the boat.  It might be Brave Waves, or it might be Dragon River
I am also looking forward to creating the first ever Dragon Boat
Paddler Marching Drill Team, as I plan to lead team members and
volunteers through paddle drills holding green paddles!

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