explorMUSIC: Grace Jong Eun Lee performing at CBC Studio One

Here's an update for explorASIAN festival

TONIGHT! Korean Canadian Composer Grace Jong Eun Lee

Enjoy and experience an intimate live concert at CBC Studio One!

Location: CBC HQ – 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Tickets: $5 Limited Seating

Featuring Korean Canadian Composer Grace Jong Eun Lee

Jong Eun Lee is a composer and a performer whose compositions reflect a
combination of Korean, Chinese (Erhu) and Western instruments (Flute,
Clarinet, Piano, String, and Percussion). She is strongly influenced by
the sounds of nature and often uses them in her works to convey the
East Asian sense of space and emptiness.

Her sonic world is one
of gentle, meditative space and tranquility. As a child, Grace played
the Kayagum, a twelve-string zither, whose tone is said to embody the
soul of the Korean people. Its silk strings are finger plucked,
creating a serene tone of contemplation. Grace holds a unique position
in both composing for and performing on the Kayagum. She is widely
respected as the composer who opened a new chapter in the contemporary
re-creation of Kayagum music.

She is the 2nd place winner at the Overseas Korean Traditional Arts Contest (2002).
a Canadian Composer representative, her piece was chosen in the
International Festival of Women in Music Today 2003 (April 8-12) in
Seoul Korea. Don't miss this up close and personal concert with Korean
Canadian Composer Grace Jong Eun Lee.

Q&A with the artist follows concert.

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