The fabulous acapella group “The No Shit Shirleys” perform Tuesday at the RIME

Those singers of
acapella protest and gospel songs – the No Shit Shirleys are performing
Tuesday, June 7, 2005 at the Rime. They are doing a set with Pepe
Danza.  check out

Here's an invitation and bio from Shirley singer Karen Lee-Morlang.

Todd with No Shit Shirleys at the COPE fundraiser: Emerging Women in Politics May 27 – photo Meena Wong

Just wanted to let you know – I will be singing
with my multi-talented and unforgettable a capella all-woman ensemble
“The No Shit Shirleys” on Tuesday night at the Rime.  Come on by after
dinner, or better yet, have some food there and stay for the
heart-pumping, foot-tapping and soul-singing music!   Sorry about the
late notice – this concert came about rather suddenly…please join if
you can!

The Shirleys have been invited to sing a set with
percussionist Pepe Danza and his two other guest drummers, Boris Sichon
and Jose Rossy…

The No Shit Shirleys:
No Shit Shirleys are seven sassy, soulful women singing the songs that
they feel could help make the world just that much better. It was a
dream come true in June 2004 when, brought together by their love of
soulful singing, good wine and laughter, the Shirleys were created to
do a one-time fund-raiser for a women's shelter in Vancouver's Downtown
Eastside. The night was such a success (and so much fun) that they
decided to turn it into something permanent, and keep on doing what
they could to benefit others, either by raising money or raising

    The No Shit Shirleys
sing a capella versions of whatever moves them, from Graham Central
Station to Afro-Cuban Orisha songs to Native American Lullabies. This
dynamic ensemble also performs under the shortened name of The Shirleys
for PG audiences or presenters who prefer the latter. Individually, the
Shirleys come from diverse musical backgrounds, including two
classically-trained pianists, one flautist, one recorder player,
members of 'The Universal Gospel Choir', folk band 'Cleia' and lead
singer of the funkalicious 'Deep End'.
  They are Yael Blum, Sam Fletcher, Karen Lee-Morlang, Karla Mundy, Keona Mundy, Dawn Pemberton and Norah Rendell.
Shirley's love of music and of the songs they sing is infectious; it
makes you want to lift up your voice, and will leave you with a smile
on your face every time.

Pepe's Bio:
    Joseph 'Pepe' Danza is an electrifying percussionist and multi- instrumentalist. A native of Montevideo, Uruguay,
he began classical guitar studies at age eight, and started his
professional career at thirteen. He continued his studies in guitar as
well as in piano, composition, music history and the physics of sound
at the National Conservatory.  Pepe developed an interest in world music which led him to spend three years in Japan studying Shakuhachi, another two years in India and Sri Lanka for Indian music, Brazil for studies in Afro-Brazilian, Samba and Bossa Nova music, and shorter periods in Indonesia (studying gamelan), Korea and the Philippines. He also has lived several years in Europe and the USA, performing and recording Latin , Jazz and Contemporary music with a number of local ensembles.
    Pepe is also an active studio musician, composer, arranger,
producer and Musical Director, presently working and touring with Vancouver Moving Theatre, jazz-funk supergroup Soulstream, as well as with his world music group JouTou. He is also Artisitic Director for the Vancouver Sacred Music Festival, now in its fourth year. He has recieved countless award nominations including Musician of the Year in 1999 (West Coast Music Awards), Juno  for his work with Asza, Leo awards for his work in film music, and Jessie awards for his theater scores.

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