Gim Wong in Calgary: motocycle ride for Chinese Head Tax Redress

Gim and son Jefferey at “Mile 0” in Victoria

Here is the report on Gim Wong's arrival in Calgary AB, from Sid Tan


Yo All.
Great news Gim and Jeffrey are in Calgary. I feel quite relieved the
difficult part of the trip is over and they are in the Teresa's capable
hands. Am getting b-roll together of Mile 0 and Vancouver events.
I've added Bernie Yen, Andrea Lum, Todd Wong (Vancouver) and Cary Chiu
(Victoria) onto list. They have been very supportive of redress and the
ride. We are currently brainstorming a welcome home event and/or
fundraiser to help Gim with expenses. Except for updates of national
importance, we will limit our emails on organising this to Vancouver
and Victoria. Todd has already put photos, G&M article, etc on his 
On the Wong home front, I noted the Globe and Mail article stated Gim
banged his face in motorcycle mishap. It's quite distinguished in the
8X10 photo in a macho way. Hmmm, wonder what's going to happen when Jan
(his wife) finds out the banged face was not from walking into a door.
Jan has scolded me about Gim not getting enough rest and sleep and
consequently banging his head into the door! This after getting scolded
for Gim's, "Jan, honey, I'm only going to Calgary" and not getting out 
of town fast enough. Damn that westcoast rain!!!
Take care.   anon   Sid

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