“The Wong Way” dragon boat team makes the front page banner of the Vancouver Sun

That multi-generational family dragon boat team “Paddlin' The Wong Way”
had their picture featured in the banner on the front page of the
Vancouver Sun, Thursday June 16.

The Wong Family is an important family in the Vancouver Chinatown
community.  Modernize Tailors is a Chinatown landmark.  83 year old
tailor, Bill Wong is the patriarch.  His younger paddling brother
Milton Wong helped start dragon boating in Vancouver in 1986. 
Milton is also a Canadian cultural icon recieving both the Order of BC,
and the Order of Canada.

The Wong Way coach, Peter Wong, “Uncle” Bill's son, also chair of the
Alcan Dragon Boat Festival. Both Peter and Milton have been key figures
in the devleopment of the Lotus Sports Club in Burnaby.  And now
they are extending their passion for dragon boats to the rest of the
family members.

My family has known the Wongs for generations… in fact my uncle
“Laddie” Tak worked at Modernize Tailors for many many years… and Milton Wong was the best man at my Aunt Sylvia's wedding!

Here's the short blurb from page C23 of the Vancouver Sun:

Back for its second year, this unique
family team has build momentum and is keener than ever.  Paddlin'
the Wong Way is made up of three generations of Wongs ranging in ages
from 18 to 83.  Word of the fun made its way around the family
circle and even more relations have requested a seat on the boat. 
A cousin from L.A. had his first paddling lesson in the hot tub last
month, a Calgary relative who's been in Longdon is making a special
trip and another will jet in from Germany.  Coach Peter is
sticking to his guns – no squabbling or you get a time out.

Below are pictures of Bill Wong and grandchildren, Stephen Wong and his niece Karen Jang carving (or sawing!) a
dragon boat head at the Round house Community Centre in February – see
the “finished product” beside the “Gung Haggis dragon boat head and
tail” this weekend at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in the Alcan
Dragon's Den – photos Todd Wong

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