Didja see us on CBC Newsworld? Live National TV? from the ADBF site? didja? didja?

CBC Newsworld had a television crew at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
site early on Saturday morning. They interviewed me, Todd Wong, the
Chieftain of Clan Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.

I was also able to introduce our team sponsors, Bear Kilts, represented
by Bear's wife Peggy sporting a lovely Fraser Hunting Tartan, and The
Roxy Nightclub, represent by Tanya Romanuk who brought The Roxy
baseball hats for us to wear in the rain.
It was a fun but challenging interview. Our team stood behind me and
cheered when I acknowledged them, they raised their paddles… we
showed some of the paddle designs… Marlene animated our big yellow
Chinese dragon hand puppet nicknamed “Gum San” (gold mountain).

Challenging because it was hard to hear Andrew the interviewer through
the ear phone… and I didn't have anybody to talk to visually…
except looking at the camera.
Host Andrew asked us how the team came to celebrate both Scottish and
Chinese cultures.
“Why not” I think I answered… our origins stem to the occasional
conjunction and/or overlap of Robbie Burns Day (Jan 25) and Chinese New
Year (late January to early February). Saying the words “Gung Haggis
Fat Choy” was just a natural thing to say when I was asked to don a
kilt and help out at the SFU Robbie Burns celebrations…

I am very grateful that we have a team that appreciates the humour of
my multicultural vision. They are enjoying my “rap version” of Robbie
Burns' “Ode to a Haggis.” as I tend to burst out in spontaneous poetry
on the dragon boat or in our martialling line-up. All good fun. And
that's what we do!
My mother taped the show. Yea Mom! Gee… I could have said “Happy
Father's Day Dad!”
Mom's critique was that the interview went “okay..” She's seen me give
a great interview with Peter Mansbridge for CBC's The National… but
live on location is much more challenging.

Hilary Walker, CBC producer in Toronto, said we were “AWESOME!” “Thanks
Hilary,” and she's probably going to read this article as she really
enjoyed how up to date we have been blogging our dragon boat activities
at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival – of course including our media

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