Gim Wong well recieved in Winnipeg for his “Ride for Redress”

Here's the latest update on Gim Wong's progress in Winnipeg from Yew Lee, via Sid Tan.


Trailer Troubles on The Outskirts of Winnipeg

I just spoke to Gim Wong.

Gim said he and his son Jeffrey had an “unbelievable reception” last night

at the Winnipeg Cultural Centre. Their hosts provided them with a very

comfortable night at the Holiday Inn ˇ a big change from sleeping in the

trailer ˇ and found them a place to park their van and trailer. Dr. Du and

the Chinese community were very generous with their hospitality. Many

community members approached Gim and said that they were very impressed with

his undertaking to ride across Canada on his motorcycle to raise awareness

about the head tax issue.

The press conference this morning was great. There were speakers from the

Ukranian, Jewish and Chinese communities.

As they left Winnipeg, the frame on their trailer snapped in half, causing

the trailer to collapse in the middle. Gim says that the roads were very bad

in Saskatchewan with potholes the size of kitchen sinks…perhaps the cause

of this breakage. Luckily, Gim was speaking to a CBC reporter, Aldo, who

referred them to a welding shop not too far away. So as we spoke on the

telephone, Gim was having his trailer repaired.

Gim hopes to get on the road in a couple of hours and cover at least 200

kilometers this afternoon., which will bring him to Kenora, Ontario where he

will visit the Ho Ho Restaurant. The stop after that will be Dryden,

Ontario, a pulp and paper town that also has a Ho Ho Restaurant. I will be

calling the newspapers in each of those towns.

Gim says he feels tired, but he sounds cheerful and very resolved to make it

to Ottawa, where he will end his journey.

That's all for now folks.

Yew Lee

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