Saltwater City TV: featuring Larissa Lai, Daphne Marlatt, Roy Miki, Ula Shines and Sean Gunn

Here's the latest programming for Saltwater City
- courtesey of Sid Tan

Saltwater City TV:

Featuring Larissa Lai, Daphne Marlatt, Roy Miki,
Sean Gunn and Ula Shines

Sunday July 3 at 1:00PM
Monday July 4 at 10:30PM
Thursday July 7 at 2:30PM
Saturday July 9 at 11:30AM

Larissa Lai reads from her novel-in-progress - The Corrupted Text - and
shares some thoughts on activism, criticism and creativity. Includes
introduction by Daphne Marlatt, Writer-in-Residence at Simon Fraser
University. Saltwater City TV premieres this broadcast Sunday July 3,
2005 with repeats (schedule follows) on $haw cable 4, the community

Taped June 23, 2005 during the transCanada Literature - Institutions -
Citizenship conference at Simon Fraser University. Volunteer-produced
by Roy Miki and Sid Tan with many thanks to the volunteers, organisers and

Also on the show, Head Tax Blues (with new visuals) performed by Sean
Gunn and Ula Shine. This music video is also on-line courtesy
the Chinese Canadian National Council Culture On-line youth project.

On $haw cable 4 - the community channel - in Greater Vancouver and
Fraser Valley. Saltwater City TV broadcasts thanks to ICTV exercising
its entitlement to access to Shaw cable 4, the cable community channel.

If you want copies, set your VCR to record it. Or ask a friend. It
takes alot of time to respond to requests for copies, especially since
this is volunteer community television and we have hard costs for
tapes,transportation and refreshments. And yes, you are always welcome to
sendin a couple of dollars to support ICTV and citizen-access to the public
airwaves. Make cheque out to ICTV but put transmitter fund on it.

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