Gim Wong's “Ride for Redress” storms the July 1 stage on Parliament Hill

Gim Wong made it to Ottawa in time for the July 1st Canada Day ceremonies,
also the anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, known amongst the
Chinese as Humiliation Day. Here's the latest in Ottawa from Yew Lee

Subject: Gim Wong storms the July 1 stage on Parliament Hill

Hi Everyone:

I just spoke to Jeffrey.

Here's the latest breaking news from the Canada Day Celebrations,
Parliament Hill, Ottawa.........

As I reported earlier, Gim and Jeffrey were provided passes for the
July 1 ceremonies at Parliament Hill. So today Gim and Jeffrey took advantage
of their special seats near the stage, where many dignitaries were seated
­including Prime Minister Paul Martin and her Excellency, Adrienne

Gim was handsomely decked out his air force uniform.
During one of the speeches ­ and to Jeffery's surprise ­ Gim stood up
and headed towards the stage. I assume his intent was to speak with the
Prime Minister (who has not replied to our request for a meeting).
Apparently a RCMP officer in plainclothes stopped Gim and after a noisy verbal
exchange, he physically had to escort Gim out of the VIP area. Jeffrey reminded
the RCMP officer, to no avail, that Gim was an Air Force Veteran and that
this was the Year of the Veteran.

Gim and Jeffrey were later told that someone from the government will
meet with them. My advice to Jeffrey was not to bother meeting with some
powerless bureaucrat, but to demand a meeting with the Prime Minister
or at least a Minister who intends to move this issue forward.

Gim is now having a much needed nap. I will speak
to Gim tomorrow and get the straight goods ­ from the man who stormed the
stage on Parliament Hill on July 1, 2005, on the anniversary of Humiliation Day.

Yew Lee

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