Dragon Boat Wood Carvings at Sea Vancouver

Today we set up the Gung Haggis Fat Choy banner at the tent displaying
wood carving.  Our dragon boat head and tail, carved and designed
by Bob Brinson and myself, will be featured along with a siren and
dragon head by Eric Neighbor,  a phoenix by Mori, and a First
Nations wooden prow figure by Michael Dangeli.

We have a great site, overlooking the entrance of False Creek and
English Bay.  The beer garden is beside us, as is Vera's
Burgers.  Construction Ink will also be doing a play using the
small bay between Vanier Park and Heritage Harbour just North of the
Maritime Museum.  This will be very cool, because the acting will
take place in a little dingy on the water.  The actors are mic-ed
and speakers line the little bay.

Over the next 4 days, Bob Brinson and I will be at the tent from 11am
to 7pm – Thursday to Sunday.  We will finish carving our dragon
boat head and tail, then paint it.  And we will be promoting our
special brand of cross-cultural fusion between Scots and Chinese
influences, creating something very multicultural… and something very
Canadian.  Watch out for some surprises! 

Come down and see us at the tent.  Maybe we will even create a draw prize for our visitors!

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