Sea Vancouver Regatta – Team Review and Congrats for Gung Haggis dragon boat team

Hello Everybody

Congratulations on your 1st 1000 metre race.

Yes... we did have fun... that was the main thing.
Sorry we did not have a full boat - that would have
been funner.

But we could do a practice with 16 people, or we could
do a race with 16 people. We did the race. Oh - but
it was 1000 m! But we did not come last! our time
was 6:57 with 16 paddlers. Another team came in over

Our 250m race had a good start - we were neck and neck
with the other low-seed team, as well for our 500m
race we had a great start and were neck and neck with
the other boat there too!

Okay important stuff!

Sunday Obstacle Race

Meet: 9am
Do warm-ups - have some team building exercises...
introduce new people to the One Finger Lift, as our
tradition is only to do it for Sundays...
Race time is 10"15 which means martialling at 9:45.

We will plant spies to watch the first boat do the
obstacle race.

After the race, I invite everybody to come to Maritime
Point for veiwing the Dragon head and tail carvings
that Bob and I are doing. Deb and Dave have helped
out so far.

Oh... 7 paddlers from the CBC crew joining us for Sunday.
Full boat. I will be steering.

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