Gim Wong photos from Ottawa – from Robert Yip

Here's a message from my friend Robert Yip in Ottawa that he took of Gim Wong:

Hi Todd, thanks for setting up the website. Here are some photos I took
in Orttawa at the June 30 media interviews at the Canadian War
Museum. Going in 3 separate e-mails. 


Gim Wong stands with federal NDP leader Jack Layton holding an
enlargement of the head tax certificate in front of the Canadian War
Museum.  Gim Wong, a WW2 veteran wears the uniform that he served
for Canada in. photo courtesy of Robert Yip.

Gim Wong, with son Jefferey and NDP federal leader Jack Layton, address the media in front of the Canadian War Museum.  photo courtesy of Robert Yip.

click here for more stories on this website about Gim Wong and Chinese head tax redress go to:

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