Taiwanese Cultural Festival & Dragon Boat Races – Cheer the Gung Haggis Fat Choy team!

Hi everybody...

Come cheer the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team
at the Taiwanese Cultural Festival and Dragon Boat Races!

Gung Haggis dragon boat team is meeting at Plaza of Nations

Tacoma's Destiny Dragons will arrive soon, and we also
want to secure a spot for their tent too!

Bob, Dave and myself will meet there earlier to set up
the tent - some extra help will be appreciated. 8:45?

Dave - park your car with the tent underneath Plaza of
Nations - we'll designated your Blazer as the team

pay parking at Plaza of Nations probably $12 for the
day. also around BC Place - but it can be expensive

FREE parking... along Expo/Pacific Blvd - Carrall St
in Chinatown underneath the overpass - along Quebec
St. and FREE Parking with Shuttle at City lot at
Ontario and 1st Ave. (what we used for Dragon Zone

or... just take the SKYTRAIN to STADIUM station.

Team arrival 9am
Festival opens at 10am

You should have no problem getting on site at 8am.
Later, and they will stop you unless you have your
pass. Tell them you are meeting your team and you
have to race right away!!!!

Our tent will be set up in the West area of Plaza of
Nations - just south of Pier Restaurant (former
Mavericks - former Unicorn) - it is immediately West
of the Loggers Dock.

Please bring lots of water for yourself, and a little
bit of extra snack food to share. It will be an
informal buffet as we have usually done. I think this
will work best without having to do too much planning.

There are food stalls available - but they usually
have long line-ups. But it's still good and
adventurous. T&T market is usually pretty good and a
short walk as well. My usual race day food intake is
juice smoothies, granola bars, lots of bananas and
other fruit.

Please expect to be on race site 9am to 5pm each day.
We will adjust the times as we need to. There are
many fun races throughout the day, as I have entered
our team in the NOGARD, Blindfold, Barrel and Slalom

I have them...
red wristbands... they get you in. you need them to
I have extra day passes for your friends and family.
We are asking for a $5 donation for the team - if they
have kids... or are students... make a discount.

Doors Open 7pm

I have them...
available on site for the Weekend.
$5 - for tix: includes admission, free drink
$10 all the above + cowbody hat (limited supply)


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