Special Dinner with Joy Kogawa, Scott McIntyre and Gim Wong celebrate Rice Paper Magazine's 10th Anniversary

Here's a wonderful evening soiree that everyone will enjoy.

Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop
publishes Rice Paper Magazine, and works hard to promote Asian Canadian
writers and developing writers.  I am a vice-president and helped
to found our Community Builder's Dinners.

Joy Kogawa, Scott McIntyre and Gim Wong
will be featured guests for
Rice Paper Magazine's 10th Anniversary Celebrations as part of the
continuing Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop Community Builder dinners.

September 24th
Saturday 6pm
Wild Ginger Restaurant (at Tinseltown)

Lots of good prizes including lots of books +
2 tickets to "Naomi's Road" opera premiere - donated by Vancouver Opera
2 tickets to "Turandot" opera - donated by Vancouver Opera
2 tickets to "Gung Haggis Fat Choy: Toddish McWong's Robbie Burns
Chinese New Year Dinner - donated by Todd Wong
"Chow: From China to Canada" - recipes and family stories
- donated by White Caps books
+ lots lots more

Joy Kogawa,
of course, is the writer of Obasan – this year's choice for the award
winning One Book One Vancouver program by the Vancouver Public
Library.  Her children's novel “Naomi's Road ” has been turned
into a touring opera by Vancouver Opera, and premieres in
October.  She is a member of the Order of Canada, as her work
highlighted the internment ordeal faced by Japanese Canadians during

Joy is a wonderful person, very concerned with peace and compassion for
all.  Her books have inspired many asian canadian writers, and
gave incredible support to the Redress  for Japanese Canadian
Internment camp survivors.

Gim Wong,
83 years old, rode his motorcycle to Ottawa and Montreal this summer to
draw attention for Chinese Head Tax Redress, and to try to meet with
Prime Minister Paul Martin. While the PM's office did not respond, Gim
did meet with NDP leader Jack Layton, and with Head Tax survivors and
descendents across the country.  Last year, Wong rode his motor
bike to Craigalllachie, site of the Last Spike for the Trans-Canada
rail road.  Gim has been part of the head tax redress campaign
since its 1983 inception.  He is a WW2 vet, enlisting in the
Canadian armed forces when Canadian born citizens of Chinese descent
weren't able to vote in the country of their birth.

Gim is a warm sweetheart of a man.  Compassionate about social
issues, and community.  He always has a big smile when I see
him.  Two years ago he was featured in the National Film Board
movie, “In the Shadow of Gold Mountain,” directed by Karen Cho.

SCOTT McINTYRE, co-found the Douglas & McIntyre 
Publishing Group where is he current President and CEO.
Douglas & McIntyre
has had a long-standing and continuing
commitment to publishing the voices of Asian Canadian
writers. In 1988, the company published Saltwater City: An
Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver, by Paul Yee
and followed up in 1991 with the first novel by a Chinese
Canadian in English, Disappearing Moon Cafe, by S.K.Y. Lee.

Douglas & McIntyre also published the first anthology of Chinese
-Canadian writing, fiction and poetry titled Many-mouthed Birds:
Contemporary Writing by Chinese Canadians, co-edited Jim
Wong-Chu. This was followed by The Jade Peony, by Wayson
Choy. It was the co-winner (with Margaret Atwood) of the Trillium
Book Award and the City of Vancouver Book Award. In 2002,
The Jade Peony was chosen as the inaugural title for the Vancouver
Public Library's "One Book, One Vancouver" reading program.

To get tickets - call me at 604-987-7124 or e-mail me at gunghaggis
@ yahoo.ca

or drop by the Rice Paper Magazine office or the ExplorAsian office.

For more information check www.asiancanadianwritersworkshop.com

Please sign the petition to preserve the Kogawa Homestead. Click on the white banner – this will forward you to an on-line petition.

Donations can be made in care of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

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