I Miss My CBC: Check out the latest on CBC'ers blogs

I Miss My CBC:  Check out the latest on CBC'ers blogs

CBC and their largest union, the Canadian Media Guild are wrapping up
the latest talks finally reaching agreement early Monday morning, after
Parliament imposed talks 10 days ago and told the CMG and CBC not to
finish until a settlement had been reached.  Reminds me of
parental dispute solving when I was little.

Check out the latest on blogs by CBC's Tod Maffin who organized the brilliant http://cbcunplugged.blogware.com/blog
that went up when the lock out began.

Check out Shelagh Rogers blogging of her trip across Canada
as she was determined to continue to meet and greet, and talk with the
Canadians across our country, wondering how far she would get before
the end of the lock out.

I was glad to see so many locked-out CBC'ers at Word on the
Street.  Glad to see that their spirits were not daunted. 
Glad to see that their personal committment to the community was
intact, and glad to see them take advantage of the huge crowds at the
fair.  And just glad to see so many familar faces that I knew, and
sometimes get hugs from.

Joan Athey gave me a big “I Miss my CBC” sticker, that I wore for the
rest of the day.  City Councillor Raymond Louie proudly wore one
when I bumped into him.  Kathryn Gretzinger gave me an
enthusiastic greeting, saying that the support really means a lot to
them.  I saw Adrienne Wong on stage, and talked with Priya Ramu
and  Margaret Gallagher at the event.  I wasn't there early
enough to see if they had continued the traditional WOTS pancake
breakfast on the CBC courtyard – as it was still roped off.

Anybody I have talked with in the Vancouver arts community, wished the
lockout over ASAP.  Max Wyman called it a “terrible waste.” 
Marya Gadison at the Vancovuer Public Library, said it was so hard to
get news out.  Many arts organizations really missed the way CBC
Radio supports the arts, and has a loyal following.  When I was on
Saltspring Island last week, it was bittersweet hearing so many
bookstores tuned into CBC Radio.

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