Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dragon Boat 2005 summary

Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dragon Boat 2005 summary:

We really achieved a lot this year!

The summer dragon boat paddling season is finally
over.  We started paddling in April and finished paddling in
September on
Labour Day weekend, with a wrap up dinner with surprise gifts for all
paddlers attending!. And during these past nine months from February to October we made lots of new
friends, welcomed old friends, and had soooooo much fun!

Not only did we paddle dragon boats, but we carved our own wooden
dragon heads and tails from cedar, put a dragon boat in Vancouver's St.
Patrick's Day Parade, got featured on national television, developed a
reputation as a “real fun” team, hosted parties at The Roxy, made lots
of dragon boat team friends, and raced for medals in every race we

Dragon Boat head and tail carving
at the Roundhouse Community Centre and filmed for CBC local news in
February, and featured at ADBF Dragon's Den tent + Sea Vancouver
Festival at Maritime Museum/Kits Point site.
Dragon Boat float in the Vancouver St. Patrick's Day parade – featuring
special guests City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth and CBC radio
host/reporter Margaret Gallagher in March

*  Taking highschool kids from Quebec out for a dragon boat lesson and mini-races
ADBF regatta in May
David Lam Award for Best Multicultural Team @ Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in June

CBC Newsworld national TV spot @ ADBF
Rec D finals for medals @ ADBF

*  Sea Vancouver Festival regatta Saturday & Sunday

Rec finals for Harrison DB races
Bronze medals for Taiwanese DB races

Hosting after-race parties at The Roxy following ADBF and Taiwanese
races + 3-in-1 parties at the Roxy/Doolin's & The Cellar – always
giving FREE tickets to out-of-town teams from San Francisco, Portland,
Calgary, Tacoma…

*  + we helped out a lot of other teams such as Chilliwack Pirates,
Tacoma Destiny Dragons, Scaly Justice, The Eh? Team, and especially….
Concord Pacific Flying Dragons winning Gold medals in San Francisco
Yeah Kristine, Dan and Pam!!!!
*  and…. got great compliments on our team-shirts!
*  wrap-up dinner on October 2

Did I forget anything?  A lot of teams have trouble doing just one or two of the above listed events….

Running a dragon boat team, is similar to owning a motorboat or a
sailboat. It is still a boat on the ocean that is like a hole – you
keep putting money into… but you love it just the same.

Coach Bob Brinson & I really were very very pleased with this year's team. Okay,
we often say each year is the best yet… but the 2005 version was
really special on many many levels. Kristine, Gail, Peggy, Dave Samis
and Deb,have been with the team through many of its different
incarnations, and Craig, Kristine, Dave Montrose, and Dave Samis have
been with me on novice, recreation and competitive teams, as well as
paddling with me on many other teams. We do have something special…
we recognize it, and we give thanks to you all.

The GHFC dragon boat team is something I have nurtured since 2002, and
the GHFC dinner since 1998. Managing, organizing and coaching both is
challenging, and I am thankful for having Bob coach it this year, and
supporting the team as steersperson in the previous years. This year I
gave Coach Bob a nice honorarium, something I have never been able to give
myself for coaching past years. But this year was a stronger year for
fundraising with a good GHFC dinner of 600 people, and $1000 from the
Roxy, + some fundraising parties at the Roxy throughout the year.

Many people have asked for off-season activities for physical
exercise… Here's an idea: a different event each month. Indoor
Rockclimbing, roller hockey, floor hocky, volleyball, badminton,
waterslides… just something fun, and social – this will also aid in
planning for next year's dragon boat team and GHFC fundraiser dinner.

For 2006, I would like to see 2 GHFC dragon boat teams. One for
beginners, and One for experienced paddlers – mix them all up, and have
double the fun we had this year.

Join the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team by calling me – Todd
Wong at 604-987-7124  or e-mail   gunghaggis 

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