VISION VANCOUVER fundraiser for Raymond Louie & George Chow

VISION VANCOUVER fundraiser for Raymond Louie & George Chow

This was billed as a fun event, and I got to sit with friend David
Wong, and my cousin Hayne Wai.  I also got to see lots of friends
and aquaintances in the community.  Perfect for networking! (and
also to scout Floata out for the next Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner
planned for January 22nd, 2006)

It was a typical 12 course dinner affair with speeches, music and
entertainement and more speeches.  Lots of Chinatown associations
were there in attendance.  I greeted my Uncle Dan, and his friends
at the Chinese war veterans table.  I saw Bong, a waiter from the
old Marco Polo restaurant – he was very happy that I recognized him and
insisted I say hello to my father.

I greeted Councillor Jim Green and gave him a brief update on the
Kogawa House situation.  He warmly introduced me to candidate
Heather Harrison, and his wife Roberta.  I also talked with
Raymond Louie's wife Tonya.  I really like Tonya, she is one of
the best raffle ticket selling partners I have ever had.  We first
met when she was on the board of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month
Society in 2002.

Charlie Wu of the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society was there, and I
greeted other members of the TCCS, that I knew.  Charlie was
instrumental in helping to create the Vancouver International Taiwanese
Dragon Boat Races.  Raymond also played a big role in helping the
boats be donated to Vancouver.

Nice short chats with Raymond and George Chow.  They both thanked
me for donating some prizes.  For some reason, George had asked me
to donate some haggis.  I think it was because 50% of the
attendees were caucasian.  But in the end, I think the two wee
haggi will find a home for Jenny Kwan's Scotch tasting party next month.

I managed to have a copy of CHOW donated for a raffle prize.  This
generated some intrest, as they announced the Vancouver Museum book
launch for Oct 25th.

Finally… raffle and door prizes given out.  My cousin Hayne Wai,
won box seats for a Canucks hockey game (Hmmm….  Where can we
get some for fundraiser prizes?)

Oh, the food and music? The Lion Dance is noisy – I don't think I'll
have that for GHFC.  But I really liked the crab maw soup, and the
taro/duck dish.

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