Busy Weekend ahead… Turandot at Vancouver Opera + more…

Vancouver Opera's Turandot opens up.

22, 25, 27, 29, November 1 & 3

All performances 7:30 pm  Queen
Elizabeth Theatre

The lead singer, Audrey Stottler, performs her signature role as
Princess Turandot, a role she has performed at the Forbidden City
Imperial Palace in Beijing.  Puccini did research authentic
Chinese melodies for his masterpiece opera, known for Nessun Dorma, one
of Opera's most famous tenor arias.  But expect stereoptypical
portrayals of Chinese characters such as the court administrators named
“Ping”, “Pang” and “Pong.”

Goh Ballet and the Modern Dance
Company of Guangdong perform a special 10th Anniversary celebration for
the special sister province relationship between Guangdong, China and
British Columbia, Canada.  Thius takes place tonight at the Centre
in Vancouver for Performing Arts.

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