Janice Wong visits Shelagh Rogers on “Sounds Like Canada”

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Janice Wong visits Shelagh Rogers on Sounds Like Canada.

a message from my cousin Janice Wong, author of the book CHOW, about her upcoming interview on
CBC Radio's Sounds Like Canada, with host Shelagh Rogers:

"Alicia got Sounds Like Canada on board! Yay! 

If you happen to be near a radio on Friday morning at 10.30, Shelagh  
Rogers will be talking to me about "Chow." I'm actually looking  
forward to this one, though I have to do the interview at 6:30 a.m.!!  
I'm just hoping to be coherent and not too froggy at that time of the  

morning! Her producer is from Prince Albert too!

They want me to bring Chinese food into the studio at 6:30 in the

morning... I feel like I'm a Chinese take out delivery person, now!"

Maybe I should put them in Chinese take-out boxes, but I left

them all in my studio."

I have since suggested to Janice to
tell Shelagh that since having written CHOW, that she keeps discovering
new connections in both her ancestry and extended family… for
instance… Her Dad's cousin in Seattle, Carole, is married to Gary
Locke the former Washington State governor, and her father's cousin,
Henry, had married the aunt of former Governor General Adrienne

Shelagh…”  Janice could say… “I have just discovered a
relationship between you and me…  apparently we're family.”

“Me!?!?!?” Shelagh might exclaim
surprised, but very interested, because Shelagh's father had only told
her about two years ago, that there was First Nations Cree blood in
their ancestry.

“Yes, Shelagh…  you and me… are both members of Clan Gung Haggis Fat Choy!”

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