Alexis Mazurin, CBC Radio 3 host, passes away

Alexis Mazurin was a youthful energetic ball of energy.  I
remember him saying hi to me as bumped into each other at the steps of
CBC or the Library. 

I can picture him as an amazing performer when I saw the Hot Sauce
Posse in action at Asian Comedy Night, produced by Vancouver Asian
Canadian Theatre.

It was shocking for me to learn that he had first suffered a severe
heart attack while attending Burning Man in the Nevada desert, and
finally made his transition after a long coma.  Alexis was 27.

No doubt, many of us will feel this is tragic at such a young
It is more tragic what the world will miss because of what Alexis will
not be able to create.  In 1989, I almost died from a serious
cancer tumor when I was 29 years old, in 1989.  Now 16 years
later, I am amazed at what I have accomplished, and been able to give
to the world.  What Alexis could have given our communities in the
next 10 years, 20 years or 30 years…. will now be up to us.

There are some good tributes to Alexis:


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