The Chinese Vote in Vancouver: how to access – what to say

The Chinese Vote in Vancouver: how to access – what to say…

so-called “Chinese Vote” in Vancouver is really about the Chinese
language vote.  Mistakenly, I thought I was part of the Chinese
vote, because people have been calling my multi-gernational family
“Chinese” ever since my great-great-granfather Rev. Chan Yu Tan
arrived in Canada in 1896, following his elder brother Rev. Chan Sing
Kai in 1888, when he came to help found the Chinese Methodist Church in

Vancouver Sun reporter Frances Bula interviewed me for a  Nov 5th
printed an article about Vision Vancouver trying to woo Chinese voters
from the NPA.  But she didn't print my comments
directly, because as a 5th generation Vancouverite, I support
individuals across the spectrum on the basis on personal qualities
rather than black and white party lines.  I talked about Raymond Louie and George Chow's long involvement and family history with Vancouver.  Remember it was COPE that elected by Raymond Louie and Jenny Kwan.

My friend Meena Wong wears her “Win with Woodsworth – Vote COPE” button.

My friend Meena Wong
has been working with COPE, helping them access Chinese language media
and attending Chinese language events.  Meena even found former
NPA city counsellor Don Lee saying one thing in Chinese, and another
thing in English – which he denies…  Don Lee has also been
representing the National Congress of Chinese Canadians on head tax
issues, when it is actually the Chinese Canadian National Council which
has done the most work on raising the Chinese Head Tax issue,
registering head tax payers and descendents…. go figure!

Read these following articles.  Meena is doing a lot in the
community to help native Chinese speakers learn more about important
civic issues.

Chinese vote critical to win

By Allen Garr

COPE hopes worker translates into votes

By Mike Howell-Staff writer

COPE says Lee calls for scrapping Four Pillars

By Mike Howell-Staff writer

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