Toddish McWong on BBC Radio Scotland – next Monday Nov 28th – Scottish Time

Toddish McWong on BBC Radio Scotland – next Monday Nov 28th – Scottish Time

“Toddish McWong” or in Canadian, Todd Wong, will be featured onto BBC Radio Scotland on Monday – Nov 28th (11.30 am
Scottish time) or 3:30am PST if you are in Vancouver BC.. However, you can go to
the listen again option on the radio Scotland website. 

The interview explores the origins of my Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year dinner event, and the haggis-Chinese fusion food that we have created for it.

Maggie Shiels and the crew of the program
Scotland Licked! are now asking me to send them about 2 recipes for
Chinese Haggis dishes you
serve at your Burns Suppers – so that they can include them on our

The crew said that I definitely had
a “Canadian accent” – Funny because my girlfriend said that she loved
“Maggie's” liting “Scottish accent.”

Darn…. but I forgot to tell
Maggie that we mix bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in with the haggis for
the won ton and the spring rolls.  Makes it good and crunchy. 
mmmmm….. crunch crunch – good!

And we mix in maple syrup to the sweet and
sour sauce.  Sometimes a bit a Drambuie or scotch too.

My friends
always get asked by the media if the haggis is any good. 
My Grand-Uncle
called it “dandy” – and we always point out that tripe and chicken's feet are
always part of Chinese “dim sum” lunch.  “Dim Sum” actually means “little bit of heart”, “touch the heart”, or “close to the heart” – so the idea of eating Sheep's
organs mixed with oatmeal is not such a revolting idea to regular Chinese food

My girlfriend also said that I forgot to tell Maggie,
that my Bear Kilts “Maple Leaf” tartan kilt is made of synthetic polyviscous
material.  This makes it perfect for summer when I go dragon boat
paddling in the local Vancouver saltwater.

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