Stephen Harper and Conservatives jump on the Head Tax apology band wagon

Stephen Harper and Conservatives jump on the Head Tax apology band wagon

the Vancouver Sun and other media announced that 3 Conservative MP
candidates had broken away from the Conservative party platform on the
head tax issue.  Led by MP Jim Cummins, (Delta-Richmond East) and

Here's a Canadian Press Story about the Conservatives now ganging up
with the NDP, and the Bloc Quebecois against the Liberal position.


December 8, 2005

by Stephen Harper on Chinese head tax redress

NORTH BAY- Conservative leader Stephen Harper issued
the following statement today:

Conservative Party has long recognized the terrible historical wrong of the
Chinese head tax.  It is time for Parliament and the Government of Canada to
recognize this grave injustice, and to apologize for it.

I acknowledge the efforts of Conservative parliamentarians and candidates to
obtain a just redress of the head tax.  These efforts are in keeping with
the historical achievement of a previous Conservative government in addressing
the unjust internment of Japanese Canadians.

Any redress should also acknowledge the invaluable contribution made to Canada by the
Chinese-Canadian community.  A Conservative government would work with the
entire Chinese-Canadian community to establish a consensus for reconciliation
and redress.”


For more
information: Conservative Party Press Office (613) 755-2191

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