GUNG HAGGIS FAT CHOY 2006: Dinner update

GUNG HAGGIS FAT CHOY 2006: Dinner update

The tickets sales are picking up, and the media calls are coming in.

Wednesday night, I bumped into Max Wyman and his wife Susan Mendelson.
Max is the new mayor of Lion's Bay, and is excited to be coming as one
of my special guests at the head table.  He told arts curator Tom
Graff that he will be reading some Burns poetry.  Susan asked
about what to wear, and we told her that ethnic-chic was very very

Councilor Suzanne Anton confirmed she is coming, and thanked me for
making Kogawa House one of the beneficiaries of the fund raising
dinner.  I replied that the decision was a no-brainer and that I
really appreciate what Joy has done for the Asian Canadian literary and
arts community and it is very important to save her childhood home.
Last year city councilors Ellen Woodsworth, Anne Roberts, Sam Sullivan
and Peter Ladner attended, along with Mayor Larry Campbell.

Wong of the Calgary Herald called me for a short interview, asking what
the special surprise for 2006 was going to be.  I said I couldn't
tell her – it would ruin the surprise.

Harper who lives in Everett WA, is hoping to come across the border to
attend the dinner with friends.  Christina writes for The Scotsman, an international newspaper for the Scots diaspora around the world.

I am looking forward to the January 16th GHFC World Poetry Night.  I talked to  bagpiper Joe McDonald
the other day.  He is readying the pipes for our annual free
event, and he will be bringing some of his self-penned songs to perform.

On the cover of the January Events for the Vancouver Public Library is my cousin Janice Wong on the cover – because her book reading/presentation for CHOW: memories of food and family,
is being presented at the Central Library with a panel discussion on
January 18.  Chef Steven Wong is joining us, Janice, historian
Larry Wong and myself.  That makes it 4 Wongs or Quad Wongs says

Earlier this week, I also confirmed my participation for the SFU
Gung Haggis Fat Choy Canadian Games 3-day festival.  On January
25th, there will be opening ceremonies with Lion Dance, and a rice and
chopsticks relay.  On January 26th, there will be the Dragon Carts
races, and on January 27th, there will be a brand new world's first –
“Human Curling.”

I can't believe how my simple idea of Gung
Haggis Fat Choy is morphing into such crazy and unbelievable
permutations.  But I love it.

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