Guess who is coming to Gung Haggis dinner? Author Grant Hayter-Menzies

Guess who is coming to Gung Haggis dinner?  

Author Grant Hayter-Menzies

Lots of people discover Gung Haggis Fat Choy through various means: on a website, on a poster, through radio, on television, in a newspaper or maybe through a friend.  Here's a letter from somebody, very excited to becoming a Clan Gung Haggis initiate.

Dear Todd,

My partner (who's actually Scottish) and I (grandson of a Scot) will be having our first GHFC experience next weekend, and as I Googled today I found this lovely article in The Scotsman:

… and I'm all the more excited!  Your philosophy of interculturalism is exactly like that espoused by the Chinese-American writer Princess Der Ling, about whom I have written the first biography (and for which am trying to find a publisher!).  A woman who showed the Empress Dowager Cixi how to do the two-step at the Summer Palace in 1903, and gave the Kwang-hsu emperor pointers on American slang, would have loved GungHaggisFatChoy. 

and I look forward to meeting you, too!  We will be wearing T'ang
jackets with Glengarry caps (and our clan badges: his is McLaren, mine,
obviously, Menzies) – and I'll have that antique fan in hand…
  I will look for you and introduce myself – I will have my autographed Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera fan in hand, so you can't miss me :o) 

All best to you – Xie xie!

Grant Hayter-Menzies

PS: I am an American but will be moving to Victoria to join Les next month, if I can just get my landing papers between now and 31 January… Les predicts it will occur right on Robbie Burns Day, and he (Celt that he is) seldom has the wrong premonition :o)

All best – Grant

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