More Pictures from Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2006

More Pictures from Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2006


Prem Gill of City TV, and Todd Wong, creator of Gung Haggis Fat Choy, co-hosts for the evening – photo by Ray Shum

The Calling of the Clans:  Peter Black announces Clan Black and his merry band of haggis makers – photo Ray Shum

Land Conservancy display table hosted by Tamsin Baker and Heather
Skydt.  Drawing attention to the possible destruction of Joy
Kogawa's childhood home – one of the few identified houses that were
confiscated by the Canadian government during internment of Canadians
of Japanese ancestry during WW2 – photo Ray Shum

Prizes for the evening – hosted by Ricepaper magazine – photo Ray Shum

Prem Gill, Todd Wong and Brave Waves: Preet on dohl drum and Joe McDonald
on bagpipes
– photo Ray Shum
Sunny Matharu on tabla drums for the singing of O Canada – photo Ray Shum

MP Libby Davies, the member of Paliament for Chinatown, welcomes the audience
to Gung Haggis Fat Choy – photo by Ray Shum

The Address to the Haggis:  We always introduce members of the audience
and invite them up to read a verse in auld gaelic – l-r, Preet on dohl drums,
Joe McDonald on bagpipes, co-host Prem Gill, Peter Black , Faye Leung,
Jim Harris, Peter, Mary-Woo Sims, Chief Rhonda Larrabee, Ian Wadell,
Kelly Ip and Todd Wong – photo Ray Shum

Joe McDonald slicing up the haggis with his ready knife – photo Ray Shum

Prem Gill checks out Peter's sporran – while Jim Harris Green Party leader,
and Mary-Woo Sims, NDP candidate look on – photo Ray Shum

Special Sticky rice with taro – one of the best dishes of the evening. 
Is Taro the vegetarian equivalent of haggis? – photo Ray Shum

Shirleys singing “We are Women of the World” a song written for the
International Women's conference in Beijing – photo Ray Shum

Singing Auld Lang Syne – The Save Kogawa House committe table:
City Councillor Suzanne Anton with husband, committee organizer
Ann-Marie Metten with husband Andy – photo Ray Shum

Grant Menzies and Les Hayter, with pipe Joe McDonald, wearing their
chinese outfits, next year they promise to wear kilts – photo Ray Shum


Todd playing accordion for his former grade 7 teacher,
whom he hadn't seen in 25 years – photo Ray Shum.

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