Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan accepting Olympic Flag and Closing Ceremonies

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan accepting Olympic Flag, and closing ceremonies

Todd Wong with Mayor Sam Sullivan addressing the 2006 Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner audience – photo Ray Shum

Great!  Just watched Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan accept the
Olympic Flag, on CBC TV.  Wonderful to see a quadripelic in a wheelchair
waving the flag.  Chiefs from the Squamish Nation also have now welcomed
the world to come to Vancouver Olympics.  Here's a story highlighting Sam's participation.

There are many times when I have bumped into Sam Sullivan just
travelling down the streets of Yaletown on his wheelchair.  His
presence will hopefully spark more people thinking about how
disabilities are percieved and overcome, especially since he will be back for the paralympics.  As the first paraplegic mayor for Vancouver, he has recieved some good air time being interviewed by the Olympics media.

In 1991, I worked on a
provincial election campaign for disability issues with the BC
Coalition for People with Disabilities, Community Living Association,
as I was representing the Canadian Mental Health Association BC/Yukon

Now back to the show….
Great… Igloos, salmon and eskimos… being presented as part of
Canada's theme “Come Play With Us.”  At least Avril Lavigne isn't
dressed up in a parka, or a Mountie uniform.

I was thinking earlier that I might go to Library Square to see the
turnover ceremonies on the BIG Screen – and bring a load of ice to
build an igloo to help reinforce the perception that Canada is a land
of ice and snow.  Strange that with all the ice and snow in
Canada… the tiny Southwest corner of Vancouver – perpetual city of
rain gets to host the Winter Olympics.  But… omigod…. it was
snowing last night at my home in North Vancouver!

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