SFU Scottish Studies Centre: Enlightenment & Emigration lecture series April 5/6

SFU Scottish Studies Centre: Enlightenment & Emigration lecture series April 5/6

A message from Harry McGrath, coordinator of SFU Scottish Studies, and Ron MacLeod, Scots Chair

The SFU Scottish Studies Centre is delighted to announce the last two
events in the Enlightenment & Emigration lecture series, arranged as
part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the
University. The Centre is very gratified with the enthusiastic response
to the series so far and we hope to see a good turnout again for the
final events:

1: "18th and early 19th Century Songs and Pipe Music Celebrating
Women." This presentation will have the informal atmosphere of a
ceilidh and will take place at 2.30 pm: Wednesday 5 April: SFU Burnaby:
Forum Chambers (Student Society room below the Highland Pub).
The program will be introduced by Kirsteen McCue (highly regarded
singer/noted lecturer in Scottish Literature at Glasgow
University/popular BBC3 Presenter) & David Hamilton (expert accompanist
& choral director: Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama). It also
features skilled piper Brianne Young from the SFU Pipe Band who will
perform songs & pipe music reflecting the lives of women of 18th &
early 19th century Scotland.

2: Lecture/Recital entitled "Ae Fond Kiss: Songs by and about Women in
Enlightened Scotland" Thursday 6 April 8pm, SFU Harbour Centre,
Downtown Vancouver.
In this presentation, Dr McCue and Mr Hamilton will call on a range of
song editions to tell the stories of women in Scottish songs of the
Enlightenment Era. The stories cover the position of women on hot
political and social issues of the time, and looks at the kinds of
women that male editors wanted to shape.
Above all, however, the presentation celebrates the vision Scottish
women had of love and life during a complex time in their history.

1. To find the Forum Chambers, go to the main university concourse. The
Forum Chambers is on the opposite side of the concourse from the library. Go
through the coffee bar and downstairs. The room is just below the Highland Pub
and we hope that there will be a general movement upstairs after the ceilidh.
There is no need to sign up for the ceilidh - just show up.

Please note starting time of 2.30pm - not noon as stated in the
newsletter and on the posters.

2. For the Harbour Centre lecture/recital, the usual procedures apply.
Please phone 604-291-5100 to register. There will be a reception following the

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