Paul Yee's “Saltwater City” at CBC Radio One Book Club: Important History for a hopeful yet unsettled future

Here are some pictures from Wednesday night's Paul Yee book launch of
Saltwater City for the CBC Radio One Book Club, hosted by Sheryl Mackay
and John Byrnes.

I did write a story… but I hit the button and lost it… time to go to bed now.

Sheryl Mackay, Paul Yee and John Byrnes – taking questions from the audience – photo Todd Wong

Larry Wong hold the page open to a 1987 picture of him taken by Paul Yee.  Marlen Enns sits beside him – photo Todd Wong

Larry Wong, Sheryl Mackay and Wesley Louie, all hold their book copies and smile! – photo Todd Wong

Todd Wong, Paul Yee, and Larry Wong – photo Hayne Wai

Paul Yee holds the new edition cover of Saltwater City next to the old
logo on Walter Quan's t-shirt from the historic 1986 Saltwater City
exhibit, that inspired the book.

Late night dinner in Saltwater City… at Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant in
Vancouver Chinatown, it's the Saltwater City gang + new friends. 
Standing: Gee, Jennifer, Barry Wong, Todd Wong.  Sitting: Rosanne
So, Ramona Mar, Paul Yee, Wesley Lowe, Larry Wong, Walter Quan and
Elizabeth Sheffrin – photo Joanne.

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