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May 27, 2006

Here's an article from our paddle buddies in Tacoma – Check out the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association.

Babes and Chix make International Debut at Vancouver Regatta
By Janice Brevik

Vancouver, Canada — Under questionable skies at the Dragon Zone (venue
near the Science Dome at former Expo site) in Vancouver, Canada, the
Babes with Blades and Chix with Stix made their international debut at
the 9th Annual False Creek Women’s Regatta.  This is the fourth
year a TDBA crew has participated in the annual False Creek Women’s
fundraiser regatta.  Clad in Hawaiian attire complete with
stunning red lips (provided by Ann Martin) the Tacoma teams with their
Canadian teammates had a great day of racing, eating, and talking
story.  All that kept the rain at bay for the entire day.

The Babes, with first-time captain Ann Martin, started the action very
well with a first place win in their heat with a time of 2:49:74. 
Not to be outdone, the Chix, captained by another first-time captain,
Diane Wetzel, followed suit in their heat, also with a first place time
of 2:49:61.

As luck would have it, the two first place wins had the Babes and Chix
opposite each other in heat two.  The Chix placed first again with
a time of 240:15 and the Babes a close third with a time of
2:41:75.  It was a very close race with the three boats inches
apart.  A great finish watching—for spectators-not those in the

The third and final heat garnered the Babes with another first place
win with a time of 2:37:87.  The Chix placed third in their final
heat with a time of 2:43:62.  Both teams finished in the top 10 of
the 52 teams entered.  Nice job ladies!

Both boats had composite teams of experienced, novice, first-time
racers and guest paddlers from Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragonboat team
from Vancouver.  Gung Haggis also hosted us with food, water and
shelter, not to mention a healthy dose of good company and paddler
fun.  Topping the racing activities was having Todd Wong serving
as guest drummer /caller/motivational dude with the Babes.  Way to
go Todd!

Tips o’ the paddle go to Merri McHugh as our paperwork queen, Head
Coach Clem for critique of each race and tips to improve and our hosts
Gung Haggis Fat Choy—you are awesome!  A great time was had by all
and we shared the spoils of our day with luscious Canadian chocolates
provided to each team by the race organizers—after the race, of course.

Thanks to all the paddlers, coaches,  supporters and family
members that enjoyed this delightful event.  We couldn’t have done
it without you.

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