ADBF reminder for the dragon boat festival

Hello everybody...

please read through the race reminders
- just sent to me from the race registrar.

Please check the website
for a list of activities for the weekend.

Can we ask veteran paddlers to mentor / guide / show around
the rookie paddlers - please no hazing (we don't do that stuff).

Please embrace the "Ohana" spirit - Hawaiian word for "family"
soon we will have our Hawaiian Luau at Gail's place and Julie
will teach us Polynesian dancing... we will eat Kahlua pig, poi,
and watch Lilo and Stitch, and learn to talk in Hawaiian pee-jun English

Marian, Jennifer and Teresa will be paddling on Burnaby Tsunami team.
Gurmeet will be paddling with Scaly Justice Team, with Kristine Shum -
Gung Haggis alumni and good friend.

Still waiting to hear from the Phillipines team.
They are expecting 18 padders - but as of Monday
- only 4 had recieved Visas.

remember to click on for updates.
or better yet...
subscribe to Gung Haggis dragon boat team information.

Cheers, Todd


• Cell phones are not to be used on the ramp or dock (yes, this has
• GPS systems are NOT allowed while racing
• You may use your own paddles and PFDs as long as they meet the
criteria in the ADBF Rules and Regulations document (online under Race Info
• You must wear a lifejacket / PFD. Please ensure it is zipped and/or
buckled before heading down the ramp to the dock

Team composition
• Adult Teams must have:
o a minimum of 8 females – if less than 8 women, they must race with
less men - please see registrar
o a drummer and steersperson – drummer does not have to drum
o 16-20 paddlers – NO MORE, NO LESS – if less, please see registrar
• Junior Team
o Maximum 10 boys
o Can be all girls
o Cannot have more boys than girls (i.e., if 9 girls, only 9 boys can
paddle for a total of 18)
o 16-20 paddlers – NO MORE, NO LESS – if less, please see registrar
• Women’s Division
o Paddlers must all be women, drummer and steersperson may be either
• Open Division (previously men’s division)
o Paddlers, drummer and steersperson may be male or female

Items allowed on boat while racing:
• wax - on personal paddles
• gloves, hats, sunglasses, kneepads
• small fanny packs
• water bottles
• extra paddles (limit to 2, if possible)
• seat pads thinner than a mouse pad
• for the Women’s and Men's Divisions only, teams are allowed to use a
speaker system
• if in doubt, ask the Race Registrar

Items NOT allowed on the boat while racing:
• GPS systems
• wax - on festival paddles
• large bags or knapsacks
• seat pads thicker than a mouse pad
• Noise “enhancers” – e.g., megaphones, whistles, horns etc.
• if in doubt, ask the Race Registrar

Dock / Marshalling Areas
Please be aware of, and respectful of, the flow of traffic set up
around the dock & marshalling areas. Please listen to the directions of
volunteers and clear out of these areas as soon as possible. This will help
us stay on schedule.

• Teams should be at the crew marshal area (near Dragon Zone) 20
minutes prior to their scheduled race time. Please line your team up back to
front, with your drummer and steersperson in the lead

these will be junior division races) please be at the crew marshal area 30
minutes prior to your scheduled race time

• Teams that are not in the crew marshal area at the appropriate time
may miss their race. Ultimately it is up to your team manager to know
when you are racing and when you should marshal

• You will pick up your equipment (paddles and PFDs) in this area and
then wait until one of our volunteers directs you to the dock

HEAT/RACE NUMBER YOU ARE IN. You will either be in a Gemini heat OR a 6/16
heat (all boats will have heads and tails this year). You will be reminded
of your heat number in the crew marshalling area.

• Once on the water, please head directly to the start line along the
south side of False Creek (i.e., you will leave the dock and turn left
right away, going in a clockwise motion and staying clear of the race

Protest Procedures - to lodge a race protest, please see the Race
Registrar right after your race. All protests must be submitted in writing
to the Race Registrar. A fee of $50 will be levied for each protest
(rebated if protest is upheld).

See you in a couple of days :)

Leah Nagano
Race Registrar
2006 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

To go to the Racers pages on the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival website, go
to and log in with
youremail address and password in the space provide.

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