Gung Haggis dragon boat team races Sunday at ????

Saturday at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival.

We came 5th in our 1st race #18 at 11:07,  then we came 7th in our last race in race 42.
Everybody is having fun.

We are helping the Philipine Youth Rowing Society PYROS paddle and find paddlers, and give them info.

We were interviewed today by CBC French Television.  Constance is
our paddler who moved from Quebec a few years ago.  I also spoke
some french.  “Je peux parler en francais pleux mieux que je parle
en chinoise.”

The Philipino Youth Rowing Society is paddling…
#55 at 8:55am.
F semi-final

We are racing at 9:28

E semi final – Race 58

Please be at the race tent by 7:30am.
We will need to prepare mentally and do a warmup, from 7:45 to 8:15,
We will marshall at 8:20, we will be on the water at 8:35.

Please check e-mail later tonight… and early in the morning.

Afternoon races…
worst case scenario
We race in F Consolations at  12:35pm
or F Championships at           12:26
Consolations          12:57
E Championships       1:08

Of particular interest….
stay to watch the incredible final races for

Comp C    2:47
Comp B    2:58
Com A      3:09
Breast Cancer Challenge   3:20

Open Division        3:53
Women's Division  4:04   – My favorite womens
teams”  False Creek Women from Vancouver, and Wasabi Team Huge
from Portland WA

Followed by Guts & Glory 2km race

Followed by AWARDS Presentations.
around 5pm to 6pm.


Last year were were there to receive the Hon. David Lam Multicultural Award!!!

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